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DUI & Traffic Law


Driving Under the Influence (DUI)


DUI charges, for many citizens, will be the only brush they will have with the law in their entire lives.  Many times, the charges result from a single bad decision, but the ramifications in the short and the long term are very serious.  For anyone charged with a DUI, obtaining effective legal counsel is a wise decision.


Ed Deters is here to assist you if you have been arrested for DUI of alcohol or drugs. As Effingham County State’s Attorney for 12 years, Ed handled thousands of DUI cases including first offense DUI, multiple offense DUI, felony DUI and underage DUI.  This experience allows Ed to obtain the best disposition possible for his clients. To put it simply, Ed knows how to get the best results.  Please contact us at (217) 342-8060 to schedule an appointment.


Traffic Citations


For many of us, even a simple speeding ticket, or other minor petty traffic violation can be a difficult experience.  Whether you believe you were unfairly ticketed or just want to resolve the matter as simply and as quickly as possible, it is usually in your best interests to seek the best disposition possible.  By just paying the ticket, you generally lose that chance.


Depending on the facts that led to the citation and your driving record, it may be possible to obtain a disposition that won’t appear on your driving record.  Once the citation is on your record, many insurance companies will raise your rates based on that violation.  If you already have a poor driving record, it is possible your driving privileges could be suspended.  Often, it does not have to be that way.  By taking a Driver Improvement Program, or in some cases just by agreeing to pay a higher fine, you might keep that citation off your record.  Have Ed Deters, an experienced traffic attorney, negotiate the best agreement possible for you.  Call us at (217) 342-8060 today to setup a consultation with Ed.


Driver’s License Reinstatement - Secretary of State Hearings


Many former Illinois licensed drivers have lost their driving privileges to suspension or revocation by the Secretary of State, most often due to serious traffic violations such as a DUI charge.  Particularly when that loss is a revocation of license based on a DUI conviction, the hearing process necessary to restore driving privileges calls out for the involvement of an effective attorney.  Attempting to do so on your own could cost you valuable months, even years, where restoration of driving privileges was possible with the proper legal assistance.  At McDevitt Osteen Chojnicki & Deters, we can help suspended and revoked drivers navigate the bureaucratic process and seek the return of their driving privilege.


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